> How MEG operates

MEG operates on the basis of the needs and desires of its customers, partnering closely with stakeholders, governments and donor organisations to achieve a common goal. Our clients often work under difficult circumstances. Our core focus is to fully support them and meet their expectations. MEG staff is proud to be able to provide such support in often challenging situations and fragile supply chains.


Customer service is our key priority

MEG staff is experienced and well-trained to be able to perform their tasks. Focus on quality and customer service is essential in day-to-day operations. MEG staff hold relevant educational qualifications and we invest constantly in training to ensure client expectations are fully satisfied changing client expectations. Each client is served with compassion and integrity by dedicated and multidisciplinary customer teams, who are in daily contact with the liaison officer at the client’s end. We endeavour to devise solutions to the challenges our clients are facing by applying our often tailor-made proposals. Our transparent quotations are appreciated for their simplicity, compliance and clear presentation.


Product Availability

MEG has its own distribution centre that stores a large number of products for rapid 24/7 distribution. This includes a wide range of medical kits for the emergency relief programmes of leading UN organisations such as WHO and UNFPA.

MEG has developed a list of standard essential medicines and medical devices (based on the WHO essential list of medicinal products and standard medical supplies). These products are bought from a selected group of approved and contracted good-quality vendors – who have a track record of meeting agreed delivery times – and stored in MEG’s GDP-compliant warehouse in Vuren in the Netherlands. Besides that, our procurement team continuously sources medical products which are in demand by our clients to meet their changing needs.


Quality of product and transparent service

MEG aims for excellence as measured against the highest quality of service. Sourcing and supplying the highest quality product our clients need at a lower landed cost is our primary goal. Our success factor is based on more than 37 years of experience. We aim for maximum transparency in our services and products. This means that all our processes are documented and formalised. Performance is monitored by using key performance indicators; it is shared and audited frequently both internally and externally.


Logistical Service, including last mile distribution

Medical Export Group (MEG) is located in the Netherlands, which is known as a major logistical global hub. From our premises in Vuren we have rapid access to the Port of Rotterdam and Amsterdam-Schiphol airport. Our strategic location means we can serve customers worldwide and arrange transport to even the remotest of areas. In emergency situations we can deliver products to the final destination within a 24-48-hour timeframe.

Our well-equipped warehouses – which comply with Good Distribution Practices (GDP) – have facilities for cold storage and special licenses for narcotics and other items for distribution or transport.

MEG uses dedicated logistical service providers with whom we have SLA’s in place. Our service and expertise includes final transportation to countries of destination and last mile distribution including door-to-door deliveries. We dispatch our products by air, sea or road to more than 140 countries worldwide through this network.


New GDP Distribution Centre 2018

MEG has embarked on an investment in a new office and warehouse complex. This complex will give MEG access to 18,000 pallet locations in our 10,000m2 climate-controlled warehouse and approximately 2,000 m2 office space.