MEG provides a professional, dynamic and unique working environment. A combination of experienced staff willing to provide training on the job and young and dynamic colleagues is an ideal environment to start and/or continue your career. Working at MEG means working in a team with an average age of 35. MEG currently employs 85 people.

Performing to the best of your ability

Joining MEG means working amidst an interesting and dynamic talent field, which places high priority on strong social and humanitarian engagement. Every situation is different; staff members are therefore constantly motivated to be agile and perform to the best of their ability. We regularly deal with emergencies that require the delivery of supplies within 24 hours. This often means speaking with the customer in the evening, receiving a ‘go’ in the morning and sending the shipment to the airport that same evening, where it is loaded onto a plane for transportation.

Collaboration is in our DNA

To be successful in such situations, the drive to collaborate with clients, colleagues and partners should come naturally. Close collaboration between employees in various departments leads to the best solutions for our customers. MEG offers ample opportunities for growth and development. Ambitious, energetic and active people will find ideal conditions for development at MEG.

Working for MEG means contributing to improved healthcare throughout the world, so joins us and be proud!

Please check our vacancies at www.meg.nl/vacancies