The Medical Export Group (MEG) employees understand the importance of quality, flexibility and personal service in their field. Our focus is on developing country-specific healthcare issues and situations demanding immediate action, dedication and determination. MEG is a tight community concentrating on partnerships with customers and suppliers. We fulfil a bridging function in this environment. That is how we optimize our service and that is why we can respond quickly and fully to regular or individual queries. To make the most of these partnerships we work with customer teams staffed by specialists from a variety of disciplines within MEG.

We have experienced people in all key positions, thoroughly trained in their part of the process. Focusing on quality and customer service is part of our DNA. All employees are involved with our customers and suppliers directly, and can suggest improvements pro-actively. This attitude requires a combination of dedication and education. So all staff hold high educational qualifications (at least higher vocational education), and to guarantee this over the longer term we invest constantly in training to improve our employees’ capabilities to continue to meet our clients’ expectations.
Our staff generally have long service records with us, underlining their commitment to MEG and, above all, to our customers.